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  1. 1st new post --SOLVED--
  2. [Solved] Da Queen's hijackthis log - SOLVED
  3. Virus issue - Unsure how to remove. -- SOLVED
  4. Please check this Hijack This log - SOLVED
  5. Mum's hijackthis log -- SOLVED
  6. [closed] Hijackthis log as requested. -- CLOSED
  7. HiJackThis Log -- CLOSED
  8. [Solved] TypeRecorder 2.0.0
  9. [Closed] Friends computer.
  10. Spybot S&D Oddity
  11. Spyware and lots of missing pieces!
  12. Did scan still infected ... please help
  13. Internet Explorer won't work properly ***SOLVED***
  14. [Closed] Still Infected with Viruses --CLOSED--
  15. Question about AVG Anti-Spyware --SOLVED--
  16. [closed] Virus or Trojan? - Solved / Closed by Request
  17. Use of muliple scanners - an observation.
  18. [Solved] HJT log for review
  19. [Solved] Malware found!!!
  20. SAS & Nod32 Clean up of infected pc
  21. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Download Instructions
  22. SuperAntiSpyware (SAS) Download Instructions
  23. NOD32 Get a FREE Online Virus Scan.
  24. [closed] MSN Messenger works well for half hour then i cant send ppl message
  25. Application Memory Error
  26. Trojan Infects my system --SOLVED--
  27. Infected computer
  28. Please checkout Hijack Logs
  29. HJT log for analysis
  30. [Solved] AVG 8 found lots!!! ---SOLVED---
  31. [Solved] Advanced XP Fixer Attack --SOLVED--
  32. [Solved] AVG 8 has trojans in warnings...
  33. Cleaning a customer machine...--Solved--
  34. about blank?-Solved--
  35. Hacked?!..
  36. [Solved]My Hijack log for analysis
  37. My HiJackThis! Log [Resolved]
  38. [Solved] another hijack log for checking --SOLVED--
  39. My sisters HJT --SOLVED--
  40. Please can someone check my HJL?
  41. [Solved] MSN homepage hijacker
  42. Friends HJT Log Scotty
  43. This blighter slipped passed me--CLOSED--
  44. Hijackthis Log...........Any comments?
  45. [Solved] Found New Hardware "BT Port" appeared after installing Sony Ericsson Mobile Suite
  46. Hope someone can help!!!
  47. --SOLVED--My hijack this log,how does it look jargon to me..
  48. [Solved] Deep Problem!! ---SOLVED---
  49. A few I am unsure of, better safe then sorry ***Solved***
  50. Weird Noises--CLOSED--
  51. need help with virus and malware problems
  52. --SOLVED--Please Help!!!
  53. This had ME stumped Antivirus XP 2008 cleaning
  54. Trojan.Win32.killfiles.wt
  55. NOD32 Question
  56. Second opinion
  57. Hijack This Log - Eeps
  58. Stevie - Anti-Virus 2008
  59. AntiVirus XP 2008
  60. Please help! Trojan? **SOLVED**
  61. My Sister laptop got frequency BSOD
  62. [Solved] ...malware, I suppose...
  63. How is This Possible? Thousands of False Positives? *SOLVED*
  64. msconfig problem **SOLVED**
  65. Machine is slow - here's a HJT log
  66. New Member eelove - Possible Malware Issues
  67. HijackThis Log! --CLOSED--
  68. Serious Issues with Notebook **SOLVED**
  69. Antiviruspro2009 --CLOSED--
  70. mebroot.k trojan --CLOSED--
  71. Annoying IE Virus or Malware-Help??? --SOLVED--
  72. Errors found..a lot of times! -- CLOSED --
  73. Adware Infection --SOLVED--
  74. Machine is slow at startup -- CLOSED --
  75. Intercort Systems Launcher --CLOSED--
  76. Rootkit Problem --SOLVED--
  77. Help , my pc is infected by virus . --CLOSED--
  78. avast can't scan some archive files --SOLVED--
  79. Can't remove Trojan.zlob --CLOSED--
  80. Hijack Log Check --SOLVED--
  81. Random Message from Win XP Antivirus --CLOSED--
  82. Antivirus 2010 --CLOSED--
  83. Strange stuff --SOLVED--
  84. Can't get rid of MyWebSearch --CLOSED--
  85. [Solved] Machine Running Slowly --SOLVED--
  86. SAS has encountered errors & Pro Antispyware 2009 --SOLVED--
  87. Possible backdoor Trojan and CWS --CLOSED--
  88. HJT log for review --SOLVED--
  89. AVG Update Failure --SOLVED--
  90. A terrible blunder --SOLVED--
  91. Winlogon at 99% --CLOSED--
  92. No Network Connections, Sound or System Restore --SOLVED--
  93. Antivirus 360 --CLOSED--
  94. HJT log for review --SOLVED--
  95. All browsers freeze --CLOSED--
  96. my hijackthis log... --SOLVED--
  97. IE Problems --CLOSED--
  98. Does she have a virus? --SOLVED--
  99. [Closed] I don't know if I'm clean or infected.. Help. --CLOSED--
  100. A Virus is erasing my harddrive --CLOSED--
  101. Friend's daughter's laptop HTlog --SOLVED--
  102. [Solved] HJT log for review --SOLVED--
  103. [Solved] Trojan Infection --SOLVED--
  104. [Solved] Help me figure this out --SOLVED--
  105. [Closed] sas runtime error and avg8.0 --CLOSED--
  106. [Solved] I think I have Trojan again :( --SOLVED--
  107. [Closed] Look What SAS Found! --CLOSED--
  108. [Closed] Panda online scan causing problems? --CLOSED--
  109. [Solved] PSYCHO POP UP... help me!! --SOLVED--
  110. [Solved] HTML:IFrame-HY [Trj] --SOLVED--
  111. [Closed] 'hwms.exe error message'‏ --CLOSED--
  112. [Closed] before posting a hikjack this log --CLOSED--
  113. [Solved] Malware and Data Execution Prevention
  114. [Closed] Trojan Attack
  115. [Closed] Malw Found
  116. [Closed] Plz Help!? --CLOSED--
  117. [Closed] trojan.agent/gen, I have several trojan files affecting my computer - can't re
  118. [Closed] Multiple Internet Explorer windows --CLOSED--
  119. [Closed] Help I think I have been hijacked! --CLOSED--
  120. [Closed] Multiple Virus Detected..
  121. [Solved] Braviax infection --SOLVED--
  122. [Solved] Can't boot to Safe Mode
  123. [Solved] Please check my 2 attachments
  124. [Solved] Machine is slow to start
  125. [Solved] Email Virus
  126. Vista taking 35mins. to bootup
  127. [Closed] browser being redirected
  128. [Solved] Machine Slow
  129. FraudPack trojan found
  130. Host File Location??? Windows32 folder 'missing'...
  131. [Solved] How to remove trojan
  132. [Solved] Please take a look at this HJT log
  133. Please read here first BEFORE posting for help in this forum
  134. [Solved] E_FATIABA.exe/p23
  135. [Closed] HijackThis Log (Please Help)
  136. [Closed] Zwinky --- what harm?
  137. [Solved] Computer Problems, Slower, WiFi problems
  138. [Solved] Need help removing infections on HP Laptop
  139. [Solved] Need help with virus activity on HP dv600 Laptop
  140. [Solved] apps don't run
  141. [Solved] Your system is infected
  142. [Solved] No IP address!
  143. [Solved] Win32/Hidrag.A
  144. [Solved] Infection Overload
  145. [Closed] crippled by malware
  146. [Solved] Antivirus xp 2010 help
  147. [Solved] comcast.net anti-spyware?
  148. [Solved] Acrobat started unexpectly and trojan found
  149. [Solved] MALWAREBYTES' Antimalware
  150. [Solved] Unknown disk and CPU activity
  151. [Closed] Java and XP
  152. [Solved] Internet works in Safe Mode only
  153. [Solved] Hoping Kenny can check this
  154. [Solved] Google installer has stopped working
  155. [Solved] false antivirus
  156. Attempted Install of Ask.com Toolbar
  157. [Solved] Win32/Hidrag.a on Windows 7
  158. [Solved] Zone Alarm gets stuck at SpySweeper settings.dat
  159. [Solved] AV Security Suite infection
  160. [Solved] Had AV Security Center
  161. [Solved] Trojan.Agent/Gen-FakeAV[InfoCard]
  162. [Closed] Malware over load
  163. [Solved] It just doesn't feel right
  164. [Solved] Possible Virus causing sudden crashing
  165. [Solved] My Desktop running slow sometimes?
  166. [Solved] Gamevance and
  167. [Solved] Malware / Virus check up
  168. [Closed] results of dds scan
  169. [Closed] Toshiba PSLBB-OJGO37 lap top check up
  170. [Solved] Do I still have a problem??
  171. M/S Security Essentials
  172. [Solved] Please check
  173. [Closed] System check for viruses
  174. [Solved] Smiley Problem
  175. [Solved] Replacing winlogon and explorer
  176. Security Tools won't go away
  177. [Closed] Missing LNK Files pt2
  178. [Solved] Another Security Tool issue
  179. Please examine my HJT Log
  180. Me, too! Please examine my HiJackThis log!
  181. [Solved] hijackthis log
  182. [Solved] Do I have an email address book robot?
  183. [Solved] WLM stops - Malware?
  184. [Solved] Extremely Slow process time
  185. [Solved] Had System Tool AV
  186. Trojan Bubnix.Gen Seems Not Removable
  187. Executables and System Restore Not Working
  188. [Solved] MBAM blocking access to some IP addresses
  189. [Solved] Again, Extremely slow processing time
  190. [Solved] Vista Antivirus 2011 virus problem
  191. [Solved] Follow the instructions and only the instructions.
  192. [Closed] Can't get rid of Google/Firefox redirect
  193. [Closed] XP Security 2011
  194. Found With Avira Premium
  195. [Solved] Machine hangs - malware found
  196. [Solved] Need a second opinion
  197. [Closed] All programs under the 'all programs' list are showing up as 'empty'
  198. [Solved] [Question] Possibilty of system check-up?
  199. [Solved] Possible Koobface
  200. Kenny-- I have some questions for you????????????
  201. [Solved] Windows XP Recovery virus
  202. [Solved] CPU running 89-100%
  203. windows xp recovery virus
  204. [Solved] Windows XP Recovery Virus
  205. [Solved] Detected a trojan or a false positive?
  206. [Solved] virus preventing me from updating
  207. [Solved] Network Connection Problems
  208. Virus in the background
  209. [Solved] mp3 tube toolbar virus
  210. Lost my internet connection with Firefox, and now it's worse
  211. HijackThis log... help!! :)
  212. Malwarebytes Quarantine Window
  213. Email hijacked
  214. Found Two Malware Problems
  215. Trojan or what is wrong with my computer? Could someone please help me.
  216. AVIRA Premium 2012 always finds 2 Hidden Objects
  217. Virus problem "Privacy Protection" W/32 Blaster.worm?
  218. PDF Creator flagged by NOD32
  219. Win 7 Antivirus 2012
  220. Extremely Slow Desktop & high CPU usage
  221. Cant open file?!?
  222. [Solved] Found Malware
  223. [Solved] Suspicious behavior
  224. P2P programs, cracks, keygens in reports when asking for help
  225. Log From Eset Online Scanner
  226. [Solved] Please Check My Hijackthis Log.
  227. Detecting and correcting DNS Changer
  228. ASUS LifeFrame3 - a false positive?
  229. Index.dat Files Question
  230. [Solved] Is this a malware-created partition?
  231. i need help cleaning up my computer...
  232. [closed] Problem with administrator account to run MBAM
  233. Please wait while the connection is being established
  234. problems with a scam tool
  235. Am at a loss
  236. Problems with internet System Alert
  237. Alternate Data Stream - 106 bytes
  238. [Solved] BOO/TDss.O found in master boot sectors
  239. Dell Inspiron 520s virus problem, help?
  240. FBI warning has locked my PC
  241. What is the problem with FBI message on HP Pavilion G6?
  242. Heads up on Hardware Issues and MS Scam
  243. "Babylon" redirects my search, help please?
  244. New thread. Test...
  245. Need to remove Mystart Incredibar
  246. Malware Results per Please read before Posting.
  247. Had XP Internet Security 2013, now just screwed up
  248. [Solved] Slow computor possible malware
  249. On site virus repair?
  250. Suspected virus on Hp Pavilion g4