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03-25-2008, 08:56 PM
Hey everyone, based on the incredible success we have had early, the Chatroom will again open 7PM tomorrow Wed March 26.

I hope any of you who have not checked out the new refreshed Paltalk Chatroom will do so this week just to see what you are missing.

We have had 20-30 users actively in the Chatroom at most points and the spirit is great.

It is an open week as we have had no requests for topics but for sure Al's new blazing Quad core pc will come up and his decision to go with Vista, a choice I heartily agree with.

Sp1 is out and in use for Vista and we need to discuss that and it's impact on Vista performance. Any of you who have done so please stop in and share your experiences with us.

So we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night:
To participate:
Download and install the free PalTalk software--> www.paltalk.com (http://www.paltalk.com/)

Click the 'Chat Rooms' tab, click 'Rooms' icon,
click 'Computers and Tech' category,
click 'Computer Help/Advice' subcategory, scroll down the list,
click 'Kicken Hardware Forum Wed Live Tech Chat".
(Note: the room won't be listed until opening times above).
The chat window will open, and you'll be in the room
(you can now add KH to 'Favorites').

To talk, press and hold CTRL key- release CTRL key when you're done talking.
IMPORTANT: If someone is talking (a mic icon will be next to someone's name),
please wait until they're done speaking before you hit CTRL key to talk,
OR, click the "REQ TALK" button (raised hand) to request speaking rights,
and a @moderator will guide you in, OR, you can type in the text window at any time,
just like other instant messaging programs.
[If your mic or speakers don't work, open Sound Properties
(double-click speaker icon in Taskbar System Tray) to make sure
they are selected/checked and sliders are set midway.]

allheart55 (Cindy)
03-26-2008, 08:02 PM
Paltalk is OPEN!!

03-27-2008, 10:05 AM
Good Evening Everyone, well unfortunately I arrived at the PT session a little bit late and when I entered the room it was standing room only!
Gee there was a mob there, and some most interesting discussions were held.

Our girls starred once again with Cindy finding that a non-bootable, non-accessable windows system could be accessed by a Linux program and the little "fsck /r" program invoked from the linux command line and that caused a Chkdsk /r kind of program to run from linux within the windows non-mounted drive. I never even knew this little gem existed in Linux, but a very clever programmer that dropped in explained exactly how it worked sometime later in the session.
This fellow was extremely clever and hopefully may join our ranks in the future.

There were other interesting issues addressed including a gentleman with a networking problem that appeared to be caused by motherboard drivers not being loaded, once again Cindy produced the relevant information and the fellow departed happily.

Another case of windows not being able to be loaded to a system was suggested it may be a poor reading drive and this appeared to be confirmed when the fellow later reported changing optical drives had overcome his problem.
So take notice if you are trying to load an operating system tat this poor read problem is becoming quite common. Usually using an older 53 speed CDROM is the fix.
The dual layer CD/DVD Roms appear to cause most problems.

One of our new members was given instuctions on how to post in KH so there was another win. Boy if only I had instructresses like that when I was trying to learn!
Another tick in Cindy's tally!

Momma and all the other ladies were present and as usual were graceful and pleasant.

One young fellow was trying to be helpful to show how to fix things but was a little too eager and tripped over his mic lead, but he was a trier and appreciated.

Rich elaborated on the behaviour of some machines he had built but also then elaborated on some ready built machines he had bought cheaper that actually worked.
So in many cases it may be better to purchase pre-constructed machines from the source.

Al was preparing a speech to anounce the evolution from W98 and his old system to a brand spanking new Vista charged inclusive room-heating system which should happen during the next few days, provided the sky doesn't fall. Or the delivery company go on strike.
So the birth of the new machine is being observed with trembling anticipation. (and trepidation!)
Don't worry Al, there possibly hasn't been a Vista machine fail for at least the past microsecond!

John's machine appears to still be working satisfactorily, divine intervention must have some poitivity for him with his Vista.

One young person entered the room and apparently had been gypped by an unscrupulous dealer with a game console and made the maistake of uttering obscenities so duly felt the wrath of the red dot!

The highlight of my night was when a young man asked about Linux, so he was amply misled and departed happily full of confidence to load a machine with Linux and enjoy a new learning experience.

One most interesting account was given by a chap from NY (a programmer) who gave a most interesting explanation of some of his current work and he did it in a very precise "matter of fact" way.
This dealt with a Linux distribution he was engineering in an entrepreneurial kind of way, he also mentioned interest in using flash memory systems for thin wall clients and really was a most amazing fellow. Certainly got the interest of those present.
It is hoped we see more of this fellow.

I have forgotten much of the events, but this was simply some of the stuff that happened.

I suspect we may have gained at least one new addition to the KH ranks from this session.

I am sure Rich or someone else will add to this.

All in all it was a really interesting session and I was appreciative to have witnessed the overall pleasant event. Gee the girls there were nice!

June made some discussion point but I was so impressed at the way she spoke and clarity of her voice that I didn't follow what it was she was saying.

It seems there was some PM ing going on behind the scene which I didn't witness but there was smoke coming out of the paltalk titlebar at times, so somone was obviously enjoying themselves. I am sure N3 would agree to this.

Fantastic evening, fantastic people, great subjects and everyone was a winner.

Thankyou for the experience.

Cheers, Lawrence.

P.S. Rich's sound was better but still had a trace of distortion evident.

Today's Trick Question..

11 was a racehorse
12 was 12
1111 race

How many winners were there?

03-27-2008, 05:18 PM
Good one Lawrence. The answer is two.

11 was a race horse
12 was 12 years old
11 won one race
12 won one too

03-27-2008, 05:54 PM
Don't listen to Lawrence everyone said my sound was fine, just as usual. But he tried to get me on another 5 hour "wild sound chase" as he did the week before but I held the high ground.
At one point we were the #2 Paltalk PC Help Room with over 28 people in attandance. It was a great night.

03-28-2008, 01:46 AM
Good one Lawrence. The answer is two.

11 was a race horse
12 was 12 years old
11 won one race
12 won one too

Good Afternoon Everyone, very well done June my dear, very often people forget how to read numbers singly, you would be surprised how common it is!

With regard to the young man trying his hardest to be helpful, I was impressed at his courage and eagerness, but he should have understood entering into that arena that he would have his leg "pulled".
When asked a question he obviously endeavoured to find an answer, and I do feel that letting him back to earth gracefully was the best route.
A simple lesson for him in learning that he did not know everything.
I was glad to see he was not simply red-dotted.
I did admire his attitude and zeal.

With regard to your sound Rich, I do feel that if you had a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope you would see clipping of the max P to P waveform.
Your overall clarity was good, just that trace of distortion.
Not your normal booming, clear self there.
It is not ordinary over-modulation kind of distortion but would be similar to a preamp drive being excessive.
This would therefore likely relate to some kind of driver problem.
Try doing some recording in Windows recorder and see if it is evident there.
Could be the mic but I doubt it.

So it was a highly successful event.

Cheers, Lawrence.