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08-31-2008, 10:06 AM
I have had a Lightscribe drive now for a while and never used it. I just bought some Lightscribe media and want to label it with a custom image, but the software HP provides (Lightscribe Template Maker) doesn't allow me to create totally new labels. The software only allows you to fill in text or insert an image on a template.
Does anyone know of any freeware that will allow you to create a custom Lightscribe label?

08-31-2008, 11:34 AM
It's not free ($14.95) but I have been using Neato's MediaFACE (www.neato.com). The software allows you a lot of flexibility in creating CD labels and inserts for a variety of output media. You can insert images and a full range of text anywhere on the label. They have announced a version for Vista.

08-31-2008, 12:01 PM
Joe, I have used Neato software for labels before but I don't believe this will work with LightScribe software labels. Neato labels are for conventional labels that stick onto your media. LightScribe software works with a special burner that includes a laser that burns the image directly onto special media.

08-31-2008, 12:06 PM

The Lightscribe operation has to be done from within your burning software - I use Nero and it allows me to import any jpg or bmp file as the background.

BUT don't expect fantastic results - your limited to shades of "gray" for your lightscribe burning. What I have resorted to is simply a star burst common to XP's desktop and making it a light gray status with bold Times Roman text.

08-31-2008, 12:16 PM
Thanks, Dan. I might have to give Nero a try. I just wish the native software HP provided with the LightScribe burner allowed me more power to be creative and fully customize the 'label.' HP's LightScribe software pretty much just allows you to enter text on templates. I'd like to make my own template and create text anywhere on the media. The templates limit you from adding text to certain areas of the template.

08-31-2008, 08:41 PM
Once I started to check out the software on the HP Slimline PC I noticed it also has the program called "LabelPrint." I was able to customize a label to burn on the LightScribe drive with this software. LightScribe is pretty neat, but as we all know the image it burns onto the media is rendered in shades of gray. That's ok. I'd actually like to use LightScribe with colored media, but the package was $5 more at the retailer. Maybe next time.

09-01-2008, 10:16 AM

Which retailer are you referring too? I have the "gold" media which is the only lightscribe media I have seen on the shelves - which still renders gray labeling. If I could get colors that would look nicer with the black to gray burning would be worth it - in fact just plain white would be a nice change and probably better to see the after product.

09-01-2008, 01:03 PM
Dan, just to be clear - I saw colored DVD media at Staples made for LightScribe labeling. I believe Memorex makes the media. I just purchased the ordinary gray colored discs as this was my first attempt at labeling with LightScribe. I believe I paid about $20 for the normal gray media. The colored discs were about $25. I do think the colored media would look better with the gray tones of the LightScribe lettering.