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04-01-2006, 01:02 PM

Here is a VERY powerful app that integrates with so many other MS products found on your machine as well as third party programs.

Daughter is taking a medical transcription course with huge volumes of information. Her 3" binders are stuffed to capacity and there are a ton of cds and pdf files.

She heard about OneNote from people in the field who are using it and we got the 180 day student trial version (free dl)

This is quite an amazing program.
It allows you to organize and track vast amounts of information, all of which is easily searchable.
The search functions make finding any information a snap rather than leafing through hundreds of printed pages.

She has taken to pasting relevant information from pdf class materials into OneNote where it is instantly accessible by any search word.

It also has capabilities to access remotely from another computer so you can maintain instant access to your information from anywhere.

In just a few days of use, we have been amazed by the power of the program. If you have any application that requires volumes of notes or quickly searchable access to specific topics buried in huge volumes of material, this is the way to do it!

The price of the program is far less than the amount of ink and paper she has already consumed and she is now "paperless" using OneNote.

Visit the site and view the demo to get a rough idea of what it can do!