View Full Version : Verizon DSL Reconnection Tip for the Computer-Challenged

07-29-2006, 11:53 AM
If you can't get an internet connection, before you call Verizon DSL tech support or assume the advice they give you is correct, go to:

Control Panel
Network & Internet Connection
Network Connections,

and make sure that Broadband is connected!

Thunder storms and lightening were imminent. I shut down computer, shut off Westell 2200 modem, pulled phone connection from wall, shut off power strip, and pulled all electrical wires from the wall.

Upon reconnecting everything the next day, I could not get on the internet, even though a connection alert indicated all was well and the connection icon near the clock was active!

Yesterday morning Verizon DSL tech support said my area was affected by outages. Called again this morning and a sharp tech guy said my area was affected but not to assume anything. He was, bless him, correct!

So, try the above directions first before calling Verizon tech support when you can't get on line.

Learn something new every day! .... :doh: :doh:
Oh well, all was not lost.....I quite spent a few hours cleaning out redundant or old emails and files.


07-29-2006, 12:26 PM
"Is it me or is it them?" That, is the question!

Although the blinking modem connection lights are a first clue, you may find yourself connected but not connected...
Ping Plotter is my first choice for a quick test to look for a system outage on Comcast. The local node may be connected but dead somewhere in the tree above it.

I have always had excellent response from the LOCAL Comcast Tech Support number where they can instantly tell you if YOU are connected, if your node is online, if there are any outages in the area or above. If you work with them (rather than ranting at them) finding the trouble and getting a quick repair is often easy, usually accompanied with an apology and credit for a months service!