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07-30-2006, 03:43 AM
Hello everyone,

I believe this is the first question I pose on this forum.

I have two computers connecting to the Internet via a HughesNet connection.

While using such software as LimeWire, I've noticed a fluxuating upload speed. Once the User connects to my system, my uploads will not stabilize if speed is set higher than 20Kps. This is very odd considering that upload speeds are advertised to be a maximum 128Kps.

I've run multiple connection testers, and all of them produce great results concerning my connection; however, Peer to Peer software has a very difficult time when my system uploads over this connection. I must admit while reading Microsoft's explanation this fluxation made sense. While using Windows Messenger Live, anything I upload through it, is uploaded to another server first, and then downloaded by the client.

Do any of you have ideas that will allow me to use more than 10% of the upload capabilities over a Dynamically Allocated HughesNet connection?

I can supply a Network Topography Map, but I don't believe it will do much good. I have my Network setup for optimal transfer over the Internet, but...

This self-hosted DW7000 modem is driving me nuts! :lalala: I can configure the system in several ways, but the dynamic portion is something I cannot change.

This crap is expensive enough, much less adding a $30 a month charge for a Static IP and more bandwidth.

NAPT truly sucks, and I wish I could get some type of better service than Satellite or an even more expensive ISDN connection.

Thoughts and comments are Welcomed!


08-02-2006, 07:20 PM
Maybe the software itself can't handle the thruput?