View Full Version : Check Point debuts wireless-security router for the home

11-09-2006, 10:12 AM

Check Point Software Technologies on Tuesday unveiled its ZoneAlarm Secure Wireless Router Z100G, its first dedicated home network security device. ...
..."Typical home wireless routers only include the most rudimentary security features, giving consumers a false sense of invincibility," Laura Yecies, general manager of Check Point subsidiary Zone Labs, said in a statement. ...
...The wireless router, set to ship to stores later this month, is expected sell for $199.95 sans promotions.

*Kind of steep for a home router! Hard to imagine this making much progress in a market where people are buying the $20 OTC stuff.

11-09-2006, 12:53 PM
Most wireless routers come with defaults set for NO security and the vast majority of people just plug them in and connect without ever reading the instructions... which often tell you to configure your security.

Just ride around with a wireless laptop and see the THOUSANDS of wide open connections available...

SSID broadcast advertises a connection whether secured or not. The fact that you are visible with this turned on identifies you as a target.

WEP is easily cracked.
Tools for this are easily obtained on the web.
WEP has been broken in as little as 6 seconds!

WPA is a much more secure encryption.
It is also often difficult for the average user to configure so they don't bother with it.

Wireless routers do not come secure out of the box and often setup instructions fail to stress security which can often be difficult for many users to setup in the router menu.
I'll bet most people using wireless have never even accessed their router menu. They just plug it in and away they go... wide open.