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12-03-2006, 12:01 PM
Well, the migration was completed late in the evening on Friday. Had a few issues with the new router provided by Verizon.


Why can't Comcast or Verizon (I haven't had experience with others) technicians EVER program a router to meet the USERS needs?

First, the ActionTEC router has a set of default rules which for the average Joe User might be perfectly fine - but everyone probably has something they have to tweak (or we wouldn't be seeing posting here and on other forums about internet accesses.). They (Verizon or ActionTEC) don't provide any documentation to make adjustments to those rules or how to expand on them. This resulted in a call to Verizon that was conferenced to ActionTEC who proved to be useless. A second call to Verizon after ActionTEC HUNG UP on me resulted in a tech who knew what I wanted and how to configure it. I gave him access - he was only on my bench box so he could do no harm (I had yet to migrate my LAN over to the Verizon network at this point) - and within 5 minutes I was up and running and I uplinked my study system over to the Verizon network and via Comcast I was able to connect to my study system. Now everything is looking good.

Second, I am glad I was home and not my wife - some of the decisions needed were in reflection of what I do, the network I have, and the external needs of my clients. The first off was the LAN ip - while most can be comfortable with the default of either Comcast ( or Verizon (, when dealing with a VPN environment you have be able to change those settings - I have since my other clients use,,, etc, etc. And the area where the FIOS was to be terminated (in my case it was my downstairs office) and daisy chained (the connecting a router to a switch or group of switches up to 6 jumps) to allow access from my study, wife's computer, and office systems.

Third (and if I can REALLY give some credit where it is due) Rich Levin suggested a web site for tweaking the TCPIP drivers that really took a fast connection and added value to it. Before the tweak I was getting 14,7xx on the wife's Win2K Pro system and afterwards it was up to 15,3xx. I would be nice IF Microsoft would in all their service packs put these tweaks in. They seem to be able to mess up a system, why not upgrade their ip settings during one of those upgrades? ? ? I mean that tweak enhanced Windows 2000 Professional as well as XP (I use Pro).

BUT now that I have made the corrections, got my settings working, and have had several days of "playing" with the FIOS - I like it very much, VERY VERY VERY MUCH!

12-03-2006, 01:46 PM
Dan- In an earlier post you talked about the difference in cat5 wiring for 10 mps and 1000mps. Can you detail this ??