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12-08-2006, 10:48 AM
Daughter has been on and on about Bose Quiet Comfort 2 headphones for medical transcription as "All the other MT's rave about them".

Having been bugged for months, I figured it would be the appropriate Christmas gift for her.
Yesterday, we took a trip the the local Bose retail store.
Well, not exactly local but within driving range and yes, they do have brick and mortar stores.

Everyone knows, Bose is Bose and nothing else is Bose!
Bose is the standard to which you compare any other audio equipment.
Whatever audio equipment you may have, stand and compare with Bose and you will start to drool.

My time spent in the store was really trying my patience in keeping the credit card holstered as I was easily captivated by all of the Bose products. The Bose computer speakers are just plain awesome! Yes, I really would love that $3500 Lifestyle home theater set. Those Bose speakers.... oh!
Anyway, we managed to constrain ourselves and concentrate on the headphones.

From all reports and reading daughter has done, the Quiet Comfort 2 headphones are superior to the newer and more expensive Quiet Comfort 3. In direct comparison, I couldn't tell much difference.

Quiet Comfort 2 headphones are really noise canceling.
Put them on, turned off, and sound vanishes. Not total deafness but it cuts out 90% of sound in the room.
They are amazingly comfortable for over the ear headphones, something I have experienced with many other older brands with heavy ear pieces and thick cuffs that made you feel like you were wearing a helmet.
Nor do they seem to get unbearably hot as many of the others do in short order.

As the deal is on until Jan 31, buy now for $299 and get a free MP3 player ($50 value) with them.
I have been bidding away at new ones on Ebay and the going price has been around $250 so I just gave up and bought them at the store.

They do have a lifetime warranty. If something breaks, just take them back to the store or send them in for replacement. Should the (rather fragile looking) cord go, the salesman said bring it back to the store for same day exchange.

Sound quality?
Well... Bose is Bose and nothing else is Bose!
Plug them into the (pre-loaded with a bunch of decent music) MP3 player and ... impressive! Highs are clear, crisp and distinct and the bass will rattle your skull.

The fact that I have significant hearing loss in several tone ranges makes me unqualified to really judge performance.
The kids seem really impressed with "Oh WOW!"
Even with my hearing loss, I can note quite a difference.

If you are seriously into your audio, and the wife screams
louder than the music when you crank up your room speakers, these are worth serious consideration!
I am given to understand that many people who do a lot of airline travel prefer them for airline movies and music.
The accessory kit includes adapter jacks and plugs in a fancy carrying case.

If nothing else, I satisfied daughter with the perfect gift!