View Full Version : Can Wireless Traffic Interfere with Wired Traffic?

Freehold Fred
01-09-2007, 11:41 PM
My system, especially my network seemed to grind to a halt and I can't be absolutely sure of the culprit(s).

First symptom was that I was unable to print any file over my network, but could print a test page w/o any problem.

512 RAM
Belkin Wireless-G Router
Wired network

1. Reinstalled printer driver over network --- no diff
2. Cleared out disk space.
3. Defragged drives, one defragged, other unable even after showing more than 15% free space
4. Started fooling around with the Virtual Memory which was 768/1536 on C only to both C and D, now back to C only (that's where Windows is)
5. In an attempt to get another node in my network, I connected a wireless bridge, but NOW things were really coming to a crawl. Lost packets on Wireless client, and on Wired clients!!! Lots of freeze ups with apps.
6. Removed all wireless and I seem to be almost back to normal.

STILL CAN'T PRINT and intermittently can't see other computers in Workgroup.

Can wireless influence (put an extra load on) wired ???

Freehold Fred
01-10-2007, 03:40 AM
Forget about it!

Bad NIC card in computer sharing printer!