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02-25-2007, 01:21 PM
Don't know if any of you Comcast users have encountered this one...
Comcast seems to have some type of major malfunction with online gaming and packet loss.
This is a months old problem I have had an active "ticket" on for months and months now.

Further research indicates that the problem is unique to the only online game I play, COD2, but is showing up on many other online games as well, like World of Warcraft.

The problem seems to be at the intersection of Comcast and ATT or other main trunk systems. The last Comcast IP...gateway... router that hops to the higher level trunk experiences consistent 10-70% packet loss errors resulting in poor frame rates, jerky motion, disconnects and bad lags.

The problem does not appear unique to any particular gateway router. While several of us, in NJ and PA have the same route and same problem with one particular Comcast IP, other members in different states are reporting the same identical problem with a different Comcast gateway.

Not that Tech Support has not been very polite over the whole thing, they even call me weekly, there is still no answer to the problem.

If you are a Comcast user and experience similar problems with online gaming, run some Ping Plots and note your packet loss errors. Post a reply to

We need an avalanche of complaints to Comcast about this problem to bring the pot to a boil.
Call Tech Support and generate a "ticket" on the subject with your results.