View Full Version : Router uplink with different Class C license

03-06-2007, 10:03 AM
Ok, I KNOW how to uplink a router to a second router BUT what I want to do is have a completely different Class C license (that is the 192.168.nnn.nnn number you use for your ip address for your individual machine).

What I have now is an ActionTek from Verizon that is Class C - I use that so I can access VPN networks I have at client's sites which all start with either 10.nnn.nnn.nnn or 192.nnn.nnn.nnn. What I want to do is setup another Class C internally uplinked from my ActionTek to a Linksys I have laying around (actually the ActionTek took the place of the Linksysy when I graduated from Comtragic to FIOS.).

I want to be able to connect, configure, and update several servers on separate Class C licenses with out them seeing my home server as the DHCP/DNS Primary Domain Controller. These servers will be going into client's businesses.

Hey IF it was easy - it would have already been done (*UNLESS I am missing a dot here or a dash there :confused: )

I am wondering IF I have to have a workgroup switch BEFORE the routers? ? ? ?