View Full Version : Intel modifies Wi-Fi to add mileage

03-27-2007, 02:44 PM

BERKELEY, Calif.--Intel has come up with a form of Wi-Fi that would let a laptop in San Francisco connect to the Internet from a base station in San Jose, Calif.

And there would still be about 10 miles of wiggle room to spare.

Academics and researchers from the company's labs have created a system that lets Wi-Fi signals, which ordinarily carry a few hundred feet, instead travel 100 kilometers, or more than 60 miles, said Eric Brewer, director of Intel Research Berkeley, a lab owned by the company that cooperates on research projects with the University of California at Berkeley. ...

*Intel could have saved a lot of research money on this if they had just followed web links to all the pages about "cantenna" and other long range directional antennas where many former Ham Radio experts have been doing similar for years.
I recall one page where they shot a signal from one mountain top to another at even greater range with about $30 in parts...