View Full Version : Wireless not working or is it?

08-01-2007, 07:23 PM
Have a Toshiba laptop in here for repair. Customer busted the power connector. Fixed it, put it back together, start checking things.

Wireless (g) wouldn't connect. It sees my network and shows lots of signal strength, but won't make a connection. Can't ping the router.

The router I'm using now is a D-Link (b) router. My Mac connects to the router just fine. My Mac has a (b) wireless. So is there something wrong with the Toshiba wireless? Don't think so, it see my SSID and realizes that it's unsecured; it just won't get an IP address.

So I powered up my ActionTek router from the FIOS installation and the Toshiba links up to it immediately. What's going on here?

My only thought is the the (g) wireless in the Toshiba isn't compatible with either the D-Link or with (b) networks.

08-01-2007, 08:49 PM
That sounds similar to a problem I recently had with a Dell Laptop that
would not connect when on BATT power but worked just fine when plugged in.
Dell Tech support got it working by tweaking some settings.

Go to Device Manager and check the properties of the wireless adapter.
Look for an Advanced tab and play with the various settings. Things
like Data Rate or any slider controls on certain setting might make
the difference.