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Thread: Letters Wearing Off Laptop Keyboard

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    Letters Wearing Off Laptop Keyboard

    From Kim Kommando Tip of the Day
    Sept 13, 2006

    Letters wearing off laptop keyboard
    Kim, the keyboard lettering on my laptop is wearing off after six months of use. This has happened with many of the new laptops that I have worked on. What can I do to delay the letters' rubbing off? Are those skin membranes better than applying stickers to each key? Or is there a replacement kit for key buttons that have lettering that will last longer?

    This poses a bigger problem with laptops than with desktop computers. With a desktop computer, you can simply buy a new keyboard. But you can't change your laptop's keyboard easily.

    I would be interested to know if you are purchasing the same brand of laptop. This might explain why the letters are wearing off. Or maybe the oils in your skin are interacting with the paint on the keys. You could also be pressing the keys exceptionally hard.

    My first suggestion is to contact the laptop's manufacturer. The keyboard may be covered under the warranty. So the manufacturer should replace it. This is the best solution.

    However, this won't prevent problems with the lettering coming off in the future. So you'll need to take steps to protect the keyboard.

    You asked about replacing the laptop keys. I would recommend strongly against trying to replace individual keys.

    Why? The mechanism used to attach keys to keyboards can be complex. It isn't as simple as prying off a key and snapping on a new one. You could end up with a useless keyboard.

    However, if the manufacturer won't replace the keyboard, you could buy a new one. This could be expensive and installation could be tricky. Also, you have no guarantee how long the lettering will last. But it would solve your problems for a while, anyway.

    The other two ideas both have their flaws. But they're the only other solutions I can see. So it is probably a matter of preference when it comes to which is best.

    There are several sites that sell keyboard covers for laptops: ProtecT, CompuCover, and Viziflex. These fit over the keyboard. The covers are really designed to protect the laptop from spills.

    But a cover could slow your typing a bit. That is, until you get used to it.

    Worse, a cover could trap heat inside the computer. This can damage its components. At least some of the covers attach to the computer with an adhesive. So they're not easy to remove.

    If you use a cover, make sure the laptop's vents are clear.

    A number of sites sell stickers for keyboards. But most are unsuitable for laptops or are in a foreign alphabet. However, I was able to find two sites that sell stickers that will work for you:
    Viziflex and Language-Keyboard.

    Again, this might not be ideal. The stickers might slip off. Or, the adhesive might make the keys sticky.

    I'd just replace the keyboard. And wash your hands before you use it. It could be the chemistry of your skin or hand lotion that is causing the problem.
    I wonder if there is something manufacturers can use to coat laptop keys so the lettering won't wear off ...... something like colorless nail polish? that wouldn't chip?


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    Re: Letters Wearing Off Laptop Keyboard

    Good Morning Lina, I have actually used "Letraset" on light coloured keys that have lost their ID.
    (I hate to mention that I can't type anything if there is no lettering on the keys!)

    By carefully cleaning the key-cap and with superfine abrasive paper to "tooth" the surface, then carefully applying the correct letter to that surface, then carefully, deftly and quickly aplying a coat of clear acrylic laquer over the entire thing produces quite an acceptable job.
    I haven't done this with black keys.

    It is a method I used to make control panels in the past for instrument panel projects and things like that, it gives a similar effect as if it were "silk screened" work.
    It needs a lot of care and patience if words are required to be made.

    Letraset is available at many stationary supply places normally.
    It is letters and numbers of various sizes on a clear plastic sheet that can be rubbed off onto a clean surface, a bit like working with carbon paper.
    When these letters are placed on the work they are fragile until the laquer has been applied.

    Cheers, qldit.

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    Re: Letters Wearing Off Laptop Keyboard

    I saw recently a limited edition of 'blanc keys' key board, you would think it wouldn't have sold at all, no, in fact they sold out very quickly, why, because one learns faster on blanc keyboards, people want to show off, and as in my case if one is dealing with languages then the keyboard changes as one changes the type set, for example the swiss french keyboard is more like the US english keyboard than the french french keyboard.

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    Re: Letters Wearing Off Laptop Keyboard

    Certain requirements are needed to actually learn things, especially with regard to where the positions of things actually are spacially.
    Regrettably my skills in that area are a negative quantity.
    I am flat out remembering how to move each finger!!
    My major skill involves the ability to forget, at which I really excel! LOL!!
    My typing is OK provided that there is a good light source on the keyboard!
    So it is extremely important for me to have letters of significant size suitably identified and positioned on the keys.
    Actually it would be an idea to have bigger keys even! (that would allow bigger letters!)
    I love watching these young secretaries typing at a million miles an hour not watching what they are doing!!
    What was it we were discussing?
    Cheers, qldit.

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    Re: Letters Wearing Off Laptop Keyboard

    Ok, there is no way around this. One puts ones pointing fingers on f and j, and then starts with words like 'the' 'that' 'then' etc., while lookng at the screen until something clicks and one is typing. I think blizt replying helped me endlessly, ah but what I still have problems with is English spelling(help) no logic there.
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    Re: Letters Wearing Off Laptop Keyboard

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackMirror View Post
    One finger does me fine
    NOW that can bring up a WHOLE NEW TOPIC

    But I have to agree I have to revert to the single digit typing when putting in the darn Product Keys that go on FOREVER!

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    But my computer worked YESTERDAY!


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